#Addicted: Loreen

World, Loreen. Loreen, world.


Loreen (née Lorine Talhaoui) is a Swedish pop singer and badass fashionista. She came to fame in Sweden when she competed in the country’s version of “American Idol” in 2004 where she placed fourth. Worldwide fame fell upon the edgy diva when she blew past the competition and won the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Sweden with her entry, “Euphoria.”

I came across “Euphoria” and, subsequently, Loreen, while randomly perusing Tumblr. The song was an instant hit for me. So then I decided to sample her album, “Heal.” Now, Eurovision is kind of a joke of sorts in Europe, so I wasn’t really expecting anything…impactful, but was I ever wrong. Track after track I became an even bigger fan.

Her voice is just dope. She has such a sweet spot in her lower register. But more appealing to me is someone who has great control of their voice and knows how to use it as an instrument and an extension to the production. Speaking of production, the sound on the album is tailored to my predilection for chill, night music. She somehow blurs R&B, pop and eurodance genres all into one for a unique sound. To show the variety, there is “Everytime,” a trippy R&B track and “Crying Out Your Name,” a powerful dance number.

That’s just the music, now what about her?

Loreen is just badass, for lack of a better attribute. She has her own style that is just on point and…cool. She’s a cool cat. There’s also this primal, Native American-like infusion in her styling that is just so unique and I love it. She’s a true artist in all aspects and it reflects in her music, image, videos, or any other facet of her career.

And she Hammer-timed on an international competition–like, come on.

“We Got the Power,” is her latest single. The artistic direction is so cool. I love her vibe. Can’t wait for more!


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