#Addicted: Sweater Weather Wallflower

If you’re like me, then you like for everything to smell good: perfume, shampoo, laundry, soap and, of course, your home. But candles are such a pain in the ass. First, you have to light it. This in itself is a challenge for me; I’m absolutely petrified of fire/heat/anything flame related. Sparklers were no object of fun for me growing up. Putting things in and around the oven requires me to suit up in NASA-like attire. I don’t light matches, that’s why a genius developed the candle lighter. I don’t do conventional lighters either. After you championed fire à la cavemen, there is the problem of potentially burning your house down–not fun. You can’t leave candles lit 24/7 when you go to work, school or wherever, although some do. They’re only useful when you’re actually home. So once you’re kind of on the “Yay I love this candle” train, the wick then proves to be an arch enemy whether it breaks off or becomes a despondent nub. Finally, when you decide to be done with a candle, you have to blow it out and then you’re gagging on burning ember scent and you’re room becomes a scene from Cheech and Chong.

But fear not! Bath & Body Works has saved the day with their Wallflowers.


Sweater Weather Wallflower

Sweater Weather Wallflower

These bulbs of joy are scented oils that are released once plugged into any outlet. Yes, I know these things have existed for years and by other companies too (who wants a generic Glade plug-in?), but I just got around to writing about them! Right now I am using their “Sweater Weather” scent and it is pure fall perfection. I’m a seasonal whore, so all of my wallflowers have to match the seasons. This one is particularly great. The scent is most distinctly juniper with other notes of…something–helpful, right? All I know is that it’s amazing and provides a nice spiced scent to my room. In the dining room I have the “Apple Pumpkin” which is good, but not as great.

The best part is, the replacement bulbs are only $6! And they last for weeks! The unit that they screw into is now offered in plentiful shapes and designs to match whatever aesthetic you have going on chez toi. Your roommates, if you have them, will love you for using these too! (But they do NOT get a say in what scent to buy because obvz I know best).

In honor of the great sweater weather wallflower, let’s jam:



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