Kelly Clarkson drops first Christmas single

Like Steve Carell said, “AHHHHHHHH KELLY CLARKSON!”

Christmas is coming early, at least for Kelly Clarkson. The country/pop/rock/questioning singer is releasing her first holiday album on Oct. 25, titled “Wrapped In Red.”

Regardless of how hard I want to fight the Christmas bug, Clarkson’s single “Underneath the Tree,” is bound to have everyone holiday happy. It’s, well, amazing. It has Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” written all over it: upbeat, cheery, crystal clear vocals, bells, whistles, a catchy hook, and pure Christmas holiness crafted by genius elfin producers.

The album is also set to feature an a cappella rendition of “Silent Night,”–how great is that going to be?–as well as other holiday staples “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas,” and “White Christmas.”

Is it just me or does the holiday season start line creep in year after after year? I was in Bath & Body Works in late September and their winter line was already out. I actually debated buying ornaments today and had to snap into reality–Halloween hasn’t even passed yet!

But, Christmas has now started. Blame Kelly Clarkson.

Get in the spirit now:


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