Taylor Swift is writing sweet fiction in new single

T-Swift fans have new music to celebrate.

Yesterday, the studio version of “Sweeter than Fiction” surfaced on Youtube. The song is hella ’80’s. And then at some point it morphs into a “Lizzy McGuire Movie-esque theme song. I was never really a Swifter until “Red” was released, mainly because she evolved past butterflies, rainbows, teardrops and Ford pickup trucks. But this song seems to be taking a step back from the more mature sounds of “Red”–keyowrd: more. However, It has now played for the third time while writing this and I’m bobbing my head and humming along. FML. Swift: 1, Bryce: 0.

P.S. I feel this song should have been given to Carly Rae Jepsen….


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