Belieber goes under the knife to become JB

Oh, dear.

Toby Sheldon is your average Justin Bieber fan. He buys albums. He attends concerts. He sings along in his car. He drops $100,000 in plastic surgery to look more like the Biebz–oh, wait… This is super-fandom to the next, creepiest level.

The so-called “songwriter” spoke with a British tabloid magazine, stating that he has had multiple procedures, including eyelid surgery. Really? Eyelid surgery? Read more about the process here .

Are you ready to see the results?


I think the only good that came from this was the hair transplant. The bad, perhaps most disturbing, is that you looked more like JB before surgery! Justin has baby smooth skin and soft, gentle features. Now you have an angular, very pointed face–Pidgey from Pokémon comes to mind:


My favorite quote from the article: “My friends shower me with compliments,” he says. “They even call me Toby Bieber.”

It’s time to re-evaluate your friends for a) allowing you to do this and then b) lying to you.

Long story short: you have to love you for who you are! Tell ’em Nene!


But, side note: does this mean I can get my Zayn Malik transformation?


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