Listen now: Fifth Harmony, “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone”

Holy Harmony!

The girls of Fifth Harmony dropped their first EP this week titled “Better Together.”

Before I even got to the remaining five songs, I was hooked by the lead track, “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone.” You cannot help dancing to this, it’s impossible–I apologize to all of the Coffee Bean customers that witnessed my hairbrush singing and dancing today. Talk about a teeny-bopper banger.  Although, I think this would have been a much better lead single for the summer than “Miss Moving On.”

From finishing third in last season’s X-Factor competition, Fifth Harmony has come a long way. See, winning isn’t everything! (I mean J-Hud already proved that, but whatever). I’m just happy Simon Cowell and the rest of their management saw the potential in these talented girls and gave them a push.

Get ready for head bobbing. And if you want to sing along in Spanish, I got that down too. You’re welcome?



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