23, Male, Loves to color

The world can be overwhelming. We all get stressed out. It happens. All of us handle these pressures in our own, unique ways.

Some start to ugly white girl cry:


Some panic:


Some cooly accept the fate of shortly turning into an utter psychopath:


Some become alcoholics:


And some become violent:


I, however, handle it differently–for the most part. I have broken a stapler in a sheer fit of rage before. Not my best day.


photo (16)

Yes, those are MY colorings, MY coloring book that I bought at Target a month ago and MY 96 pack of mutha fucking Crayola crayons. I always have a coloring book and crayons wherever I am. It all started in the days when I was still watching “Barney” wrapped up in my Power Rangers sleeping bag sitting in a laundry basket. Those were the days…. My mom and step-aunt would always color with me. We would then sign, date, and give them to each other, well obvz they gave theirs to me and I gifted mine to myself as well. Anyway, it just stuck. I know I’m a grown-ass man, but let me see you try and pry these crayons from my cold, dead hands.

Go out and buy coloring supplies and let all your worries drift away like Kris Humphries’ fame.


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