Britney Spears gives fans new album art and handwritten letter

Brit Brit is definitely working, betch.

The pop goddess uploaded a handwritten letter to her fans on her website this morning. In the letter, she thanks her fans for staying with her through the troubling past few years and reiterates how personal this album is.

Yay Britney! We are all so happy for your transformation. I still have my fingers crossed there is a foil to Lady Gaga’s “Hair” on Britney Jean called “Bald,” but one can hope, right?

She also reveals there is still a fair amount of dance tracks, which is a huge relief. I was thinking we were heading toward a ballad train. But with onboard, dance is inevitable. I’m also a bit concerned the two have spent a little too much time together. She closes her letter with, “I am a performer. I am a mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean.” Cool it with the “I am,” Brit. We already have enough “I am” feuding going on already. No need to get Pharrell all worked up even more.

As one last finishing touch, Britney also revealed the artwork to her eighth studio album, Britney Jean:



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