Top 10: Signs you’re a journalism student

10. When watching newscasts, you’re judging, hardcore.

9. The AP Stylebook lies on top of the Bible on your nightstand. Ouch.

8. You see some type of event going on and your mind starts racing: “Where’s my camera? OK, who am I going to interview? How’s the lighting? Wait, I’m not on assignment. Go home.

7. You can’t take a picture without audibly saying, “Rule of thirds!”

6. You want to give every solicitor on the sidewalk a hug. “I feel ya, bruh.”

5. It is not uncommon to find you sitting in your closet speaking into a microphone.

4. “Wait, so can I use the past tense? No, that’s for broadcast, right? Or print? Oh, the other way around? No? Whatever.

3. You spend more money on gas and parking then rent, food and other living vitals.

2. You look like an asshole wherever you go: tripod, camera, microphone, headphones, notebooks, pens and a demeanor of utter desperation, verging on suicidal: “Excuse me, do you min–OK, great. Have a nice day…fucker.”

1.  Hitler has a better standing in your book than uncooperative sources.

But it’s all worth it because we’re all going to be super rich journalists!


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