#Addicted: Starbucks red cups

Cue the tears of joy. Go Buddy go!


(P.S. This GIF will appear in every Christmas-related post I write because…well I need no rationale. It’s amazing.)

Christmas doesn’t start for me until a red cup is in my hand. There is just something about recycled waste materials painted with Lake Red 40 that is just so magical and it warms my heart. I was going away this weekend and wanted to make sure that when I returned Sunday evening, I could commence my Christmas season with a Target Christmas aisle spree, red cup in hand. So I did what everyone else would do. I called Target and asked when one could expect the Christmas décor.

“After November 1st,” he said.

This wasn’t good enough for me. “But do you have like, a date, by chance? Like a specific date, possibly time?”

“Definitely by November 3rd.”

Perfect! So then I had to follow up with Starbucks and make sure red cups would be available; you cannot do one without the other. Luckily for me, I received that fantastic little email from Starbucks saying red cups have arrived. Oh, happy joy.

I take this seriously, too. I once walked out of a Starbucks during the holiday season because they did not have red cups. I placed my order and the barista reached over and grabbed one of the Plebeian white cups:

“Um, oh, no, no. That’s ok. Just cancel that.” And out I walked.

And here it is! My first red cup of the season. Merry Christmas, y’all!

Photo (18)


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