‘X Factor’ contestant goes H.A.M. on 80’s night

Straight up, this kid is going to be a star.

Josh Levi, 15, brought down the house on last night’s “X Factor.” The Houston native put a fresh R&B spin on Paula Abdul’s 80’s hit, “Straight Up.” After being cut from the competition in week one by the boys’ mentor, Paulina Rubio, Levi validated the judges’ decision to give him a second shot last night. Get ready to be blown away:

“Can I just say it now,” judge Kelly Rowland exclaimed, holding her finger in the air, “I’m going to go on record saying this: I think you, young man, have just arrived.”

And just to confirm it was a good performance all around, Mr. Sunshine himself, Simon Cowell, chimed in with good words:

“This is proving the point where one minute we’re watching and listening to karaoke singers, and then we’re watching and listening to a future star.”

The performance bears much resemblance to Arin Ray’s take on Estelle’s “American Boy” last year. The problem for Ray was continuing to find that sweet spot each week and eventually bowed out in tenth place. Hopefully mentor Rubio will help keep Levi’s momentum pumping.

Side note: Every time a reality singing show does “Straight Up,” it turns to gold. Anyone remember the adorable Andrew Garcia and his acoustic masterpiece from the “American Idol” Hollywood-week round?


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