Lea Michele unveils solo project

Move over Rachel Berry, there is a new star coming to town, and it’s–well, yourself! Huh?

“Glee” star Lea Michele took to her Twitter page to reveal her solo debut. The singer posted the sexy black-and-white cover art for her debut single “Cannonball,” written by acclaimed songwriter Sia Furler. The song will be the lead track from her first LP titled “LOUDER”–like Rihanna’s 2010 “Loud,” but…louder? Fans can snag the single when it is released Dec. 10 along with the album pre-order.


I’m so curious to hear what her “sound” will be. She’s classically trained, so I think it will be hard for her to find a natural niche in the pantless and twerking circus that is female pop music. Theatrical singers tend to lack a certain depth or unique voice quality that sets them apart from just being a “good singer.” But here are a few very good starting points for her straight from the “Glee” archives:

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Typical ballad, but with a modern twist.


2 thoughts on “Lea Michele unveils solo project

  1. Yeah god forbid we have good singers with range, good enunciation, power and emotion singing songs that are popular. Lea has been lead or solo on over 70 songs on Billboard top 100, most of which are pop songs. Her covers have a lot of depth.

    • I think you misunderstood where I was coming from. I absolutely adore Lea and think she has an amazing voice. I also love Idina Menzel. The problem is not that they aren’t great with mind-blowing ranges, they lack a certain dynamic in their voice that doesn’t sit well with mainstream music. And your Billboard chart success can’t prove anything because she’s riding on the success a popular TV show pulled in for her. I obviously want her to do well, I was just saying she has to get it right or else it will end up like Idina’s solo career.

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