Stop everything! Beyonce just dropped an album

beyonceWhen you wake up tomorrow, and your kids are still awake, Beyonce is to blame. When you get to class/work and your teacher/boss is not in, Beyonce is to blame. When December 13th is declared a new federal holiday, Beyonce is to blame.

While most everyone was falling asleep last night, sleep-deprived college kids cramming for finals, night owls, third-shift workers, and west coasters were hyperventilating while dancing to the tunes of Beyonce’s latest album–um, “Beyonce.” It is called a “visual album,” and although I’m not exactly sure what that means, other than the fact there are music videos included, I just do what Beyonce tells me to do. If she says it’s a visual album, it’s a visual album. No questions asked.

The pop and r&b diva announced the release across her social media platforms at the strike of twelve this morning. “Beyonce,” includes 14 new songs and 17 videos. And let me just forewarn you: Hot. Hot. Hot. The style of the set is apart from anything Bey has done in the past. It’s not commercial. It’s not traditional. And it surely isn’t real. Equipped with empowering anthems (“Pretty Hurts,” “Partition,” and “***Flawless”), steamy jams (“Drunk In Love,” “Blow,” and “Rocket”), and softer touches (“Blue,” and “Heaven”), Queen Bey is taking her musicality to the next level. My personal faves are “Haunted,” “XO,” and “Mine” Ft. Drake.

One would think producing top-notch, progressive music would be a feat fit for any superstar, but it wasn’t enough for the Houston native. All tracks are paired with stunning videos, which collectively reflect her vision and insane creativity. Her fans call her the Queen, and I’m beginning to wonder if we just all should. Would anyone object?

And to think that she produced all of this while being a mother and a wife during a world tour is certifiably insane. I will never complain in my humble existence that I am ever too busy to do anything ever again. Thanks, Bey.

You can check out “Beyonce” on iTunes. Individual track sales will begin on Dec. 20th, but the entire album is up for grabs right now. What are you waiting for?! GO!

Here is some of the buzz:


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