Best of 2013: Top 50 Songs

First up on the Best of 2013 series, all of the songs that had me happy, sappy, poppin’ and droppin’ low.

50. You and I / One Direction

49. Drive / Miley Cyrus

48. Gypsy / Lady Gaga

47. Power Trip / J. Cole Ft. Miguel

46. Tomorrow / Wynter Gordon

45. Glitter and Gold / Little Daylight

44. Best Song Ever / One Direction

43. Treasure / Bruno Mars

42. Take A Picture / Carly Rae Jepsen

41. Disco Love / The Saturdays

40. Wake Me Up / Avicii Ft. Aloe Blacc

39. Walking On Air / Katy Perry

38. Bitchin’ Summer / Avril Lavigne

37. Where You Go / Ciara Ft. Future

36. Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up) / Jessica Mauboy

35. Does He Know? / One Direction

34. What About Us? / The Saturdays

33. Heartbreak Party / Jessica Mauboy

32. Wildest Dreams / Brandy

31. Latch / Disclosure

30. Kiss Me / Ed Sheeran

29. Sweater Weather / The Neighbourhood

28. Hold On / Nervo

27. I Love It / Icona Pop

26. Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) / Lana Del Rey

25. Little White Lies / One Direction

24. Through the Dark / One Direction

23. Still Into You / Paramore

22. Roller Coaster / Justin Bieber

21. Birthday / Katy Perry

20. American Girl / Bonnie McKee

19. I’ll Be There / Jessica Mauboy

18. Beautiful / Mariah Carey Ft. Miguel

17. Standing On the Sun / Beyoncé

16. I’m Out / Ciara Ft. Nicki Minaj

15. Glowing / Nikki Williams

14. 22 / Taylor Swift

13. Rock N’ Roll / Avril Lavigne

12. Partition / Beyoncé

11. Euphoria / Loreen


10. Ho Hey/ The Lumineers

This song is the epitome of “adorable.” It makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Who knew banjos, tambourines, alligators in the bayou, and scrawny white guys could be so charming? It also helps that the video meshes well with the song–I’m a big stickler with that. My only complaint is that it has to be,possibly, the shortest song in my entire iTunes library. Sad face.


9. Can’t Stop / One Republic

Oh, Ryan Tedder, how you make me swoon. When not being a REAL creative genius for others, he is bestowing his musical gifts on his own band. I have an affinity for “night songs,” and Tedder seems to have a knack for that too. The brooding percussion and falsetto combo just makes my figurative panties come off. See, off.


8. Into the Night / MDNGHT

Let the hot night songs continue! I found this UK band earlier this year from another one of their songs, “I Will Lead You On,” which is a great, chill track. This particular song is part of my 3-song falling-asleep playlist that is played on loop with a 30-minute timer every night. It’s so relaxing and the vocals are fan-freaking-tastic. I hope they continue to put forth music like this because I am definitely a fan.


7. Body Party / Ciara

As a part-time body roller, this song keeps me very busy. It’s so dark and sexy. Thank God Ciara finally is back in our lives and better than ever, in my opinion. This song will always just put you in the mood without fail. The melody in the chorus starting with: “You can’t keep your hands off me” will get stuck in your head forever.


6. Love Me / Katy Perry

My girl, my girl. I was so ecstatic for new Katy music that I leapt into “PRISM” like a starved hyena and judged far too quickly. After the monumental success of “Teenage Dream,” I found myself thinking, “But where are all of the hits?” And then I realized it wasn’t about the hits, it was about her healing and what she needed to create for herself, not us. Silly, selfish me. But then once I let the album slowly sink in, there were a couple sneaky dark horses (ha…ha…) that became favorites. I love the simplicity of this song. It’s kind of Indie, and reminds me of Tegan and Sara, but for some reason I am addicted. I guess you can tell by now that I like heavy bass and percussion mixed with delicate falsettos.


5. Stay the Night / Zedd Ft. Hayley Williams

I fell in love with Zedd at last year’s KISS 102.7 Jingle Ball. He performed “Clarity” (before it went big) and “Spectrum,” and I remember thinking that this guy was going great places. I already love Hayley Williams, her voice and style, so the pairing of these two is just a match made in heaven. The song is one of those transporting songs that just takes you places, if you close your eyes and listen. I don’t know how to describe it that well but “Teenage Dream” is one like that too; it makes you feel the youthful energy and summer fling senses. Anyway, I love the restraint of Zedd on this song not to overproduce and add all of the clapping/dubstep madness.


4. Underneath the Tree / Kelly Clarkson

I would not have ever guessed a Christmas song would be making my top 5–ever, unless Mariah Carey channeled her 1994-1997 beast years, but here came Kelly Clarkson dropping her first holiday LP with a KILLER debut track. Like the dismemberment of the Spice Girls, I remember where and what I was doing when I first heard this song. I was sitting outside of the Coffee Bean on 3rd & Hauser,  peering down 3rd towards the Grove at dusk. It was chilly and I had my usual vanilla ceylon tea latte in hand. I clicked on play and then Christmas perfection unleashed itself in between my ears. There were tiny little elves running and banging candy canes on all of my nerves and I’m pretty sure my eyes glazed over to any concerned bystander. It is basically the 21st century “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Instant Christmas classic.


3. Work Bitch / Britney Spears

What. A. Banger. I think I initially passed it up the first time I listened to it, but when I heard it full-blast on the car stereo after the Carly Rae Jepsen concert, I was like “Oh, damn. It’s Britney, bitch.” I wasn’t sure how thrilled I would be after finding out that was executive producing her new album, Britney Jean. Unfortunately, this track is really the only thing worth listening to off of the album, so bravo Will. Bravo. And even better than the song, which finds Britney in her newfound love for the British accent  once again, is the music video! It was like 2001 Britney climbed out of the TRL archive and lit up my screen.


2. Roar / Katy Perry

The joy I felt when this song dropped…it was that of a new parent welcoming their firstborn into the world. Katy had me in such a crazed addiction mode after she kept previewing these little videos teasing #roar. On the final teaser, a snippet of the chorus was added and I damn near pissed myself. And then finally the song, in its entirety, was released and I was instantly hooked. It just had number-one smash written all over it, and eventually did achieve just that. It’s an anthem that is easy to relate to and belt out because it’s just oodles of fun. It was the soundtrack to the beginning of the school year. The chorus though, the final one, where everything is amped up and louder, gives me chills every time.


1. Hold On, We’re Going Home / Drake

Hands down the BEST song of the year. Not only was it just the best song of the year, this is going straight onto my “all-time” list. In just a few months, it flew all the way up my iTunes play counts to knock off “Teenage Dream” as my most-played song of all-time. It’s my ringtone, I fall asleep to it every night, I hum it all the time. Props, Drizzy, props. It’s just a cool ass song that just makes you feel good. And the beats hit so hard and crisply. Just get outta here. Too good.


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