Best of 2013: Tweets

Twitter is easily one of the best inventions of all-time. The microblogging site can be a treasure chest of hilarity, or a massive pain in the ass. For people with anxiety disorders, Twitter is a nightmare because we constantly feel like we’re missing something or not doing something right. It’s never-ending. And then when people don’t respond to your perfectly-crafted tweets, your therapist visits increase. Whatever Twitter means to you, it is still a great source of comic relief on-demand. Here are my 10 favorite tweets, in no particular order:

The following two are combined. Oh, the joys of fantastically-devised hashtags:

Ravens? 49ers? Who?

Be on your best behavior:

Something we can all relate to:

Even Apple bows down to Bey:

When dumb people try to be smart, it’s funny:

Run, bitch. Run!

Age is nothing but a number, right?

Who needs a PR agent?

“What to do when Beyoncé drops a new album” was not in the parenting manual:


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