Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video has arrived

Hide ya Cheetos, hide yo husband! Pharoah Katy Perry is on the loose in her new “Dark Horse” music video.

Set in Egypt “a crazy long time ago,” Perry’s Celopatra figure can be seen “nope-ing” (a la Tinder) potential suitors, not before stealing their goods. Gimme those fiery hot Cheetos! Seriously. It happened. She also showed off some of those sassy bounce-with-it dance moves that have you going, “OK, Katy Perry. OK.”

Apart from the color palette explosion and gaudy outfits–and grillz–there are some pretty moments but are sadly short-lived. Check out the video and then answer the poll at the bottom:


Welcome back, Mike Posner

Just when I was lamenting how much I missed Mike Posner a few weeks ago, he comes out from obscurity and releases a new song entitled “My Light.” It’s like he did it for me. I feel special. Anyway, the song was worth the wait. I will stand in line for his sexy/cool husky tone any day. And then the falsetto in the pre-chorus? Say whaaaaat?

Is Nicki Minaj shading Mariah Carey? Music Video Battle Royale

The big music news today was the arrival of diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey’s newest single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” with the video dropping at tonight at 7:50 EST on MTV. But not so fast, Mimi; it appears Nicki Minaj wants in on the buzz.

Just a few  hours ago, Nicki Minaj unexpectedly debuted her new NABIL-directed video, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga.” This is the Trinidadian’s first song in nearly a year, the former being 2013’s “High School.” The video features Minaj back in her rap roots, shedding the purple/blue/red/blond/green wigs and picking up some serious machinery. The automatic guns look good on ya, Nicki Nicki. Maybe she’s prepping for combat with Mariah Carey? I mean, the two have a notoriously sour relationship, stemming from their “Idol” judging days. Shall we recap?

First, there were the reports that Minaj threatened Carey during the “Idol” auditions last season; a threat that had Carey so unsettled that she told Barbara Walters she had to hire extra security guards because the rapper was “unpredictable.” Meanwhile, Minaj took to Twitter to blast that interview claiming, “Ironically, no camera or mic heard the gun comment tho. Lol @ the struggle. Not even the producers believed u. Say no to violence barbz.”

In November, Mariah told Hot 97 FM that working on “Idol” was like, “Going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

One month later, Carey sat in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse for a festive episode of “Watch What Happens, Live.” She claimed she joined “Idol” to show her personality, which her friends felt, would be good for viewers to see, and she agreed:

“You know what? That could be cool. I’ll be with Randy. It’ll be fine. It’ll be the 3-person panel, the typical thing. And THEN…” It’s getting drafty in here Nicki.

Let’s begin the diva music video throwdown:

Check out Mariah’s video (which is still not uploaded to Youtube) here.

Meet the newest Kardashian sister: Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner was spotted near L.A. yesterday for the first time since having his Adam’s apple reduced and he looks…well….

[via TMZ]

[via TMZ]

Bruce seems to be taking the split from Kris pretty rough. He is now trying to become a Kardashian in the hopes that she will adopt him back into the family. He is now sporting an ombre hairstyle that looks much fuller than usual–weave anybody? He’s going to look so fabulous for his breast implant consultation.

Meanwhile, daughter Kendall Jenner has been posting some sexy, edgy modeling pictures to her Instagram account. Check ’em out:




Dumb Starbucks coming to NYC

[via TheDailyMeal]

[via TheDailyMeal]

I’m sure you’ve read all about it now: Dumb Starbucks. A pop-up store in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, is serving up “dumb” variations of all the classic Starbucks beverages. The baristas even write your name on the cup as “Dumb Bryce,” or whatever your parents entitled you.

Today, the owner revealed himself: Canadian writer and comedian, Nathan Fielder. He announced outside of his dumb store that he was bringing the dumb experience to Brooklyn.

My condolences, BK. From what I heard, the coffee is “horrible” and the pastries were packaged from a local grocery store. Granted, the coffee is free, but I’m not seeing the point of standing in line–which has been clocked in at over an hour–for bad, free coffee. Is it just me? And, there is no health inspection letter grade. No thank you. This princess only dines in “A” restaurants.

My favorite thing about this parody is the replicated Starbucks music selection. They honestly have a CD called “Dumb Norah Jones Duets.”

[via TheActorsDiet]

[via TheActorsDiet]

New sport added to Winter Olympics: Hot mess of a shit show

sochilogoThe 2014 Winter Olympic Games are just 24-hours away. Throngs of spectators, athletes and journalists have descended on the host city of Sochi, Russia to dodge possible terrorist attacks, enjoy cold weather and observe Russian homophobia.

There was already much speculation leading up to this year’s games that Sochi was simply not ready. The Washington Post documented a few of the warning signs that vodka was inhibiting satisfactory progress. Like, I know I procrastinate with an essay or two–slash every assignment–but on a two week international sporting spectacle seen ’round the world? They trippin’.

All of the media personnel setting up shop in Sochi are now coming face-to-face with the aftermath of Russia’s superb *cough* planning, and it is…hilarious:

Let the 2014 Hunger Games begin! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Facebook gets sappy on their 10th anniversary

fbook10bdayRemember when you had to have an official university/college e-mail address to join social media juggernaut Facebook? Remember when you thought, “Why would I ditch my MySpace? Well,  you were probably there close to the start, now a decade ago.

Today, the tool that made us all certifiable creepers, turns 10. Happy Birthday to Mark Zuckerberg and his team of collegiate nerds. The gajillionaire posted a letter, reflecting on Facebook’s journey. The team also crafted personal reflections of your own time spent on the site, which can be found at facebook.com/lookback. I don’t know what algorithm was used for the moments they selected, but mine are pretty ratchet, but I was kind of moved: the nostalgia, the Disney-esque music (always a tearjerker), the fact that you used to be younger (and happier), selecting the moment I met Justin Bieber, etc.

Because Facebook also loves itself, they also shared their own timeline since launching in 2004:


Here’s to another 10. Cheers.