Facebook gets sappy on their 10th anniversary

fbook10bdayRemember when you had to have an official university/college e-mail address to join social media juggernaut Facebook? Remember when you thought, “Why would I ditch my MySpace? Well,  you were probably there close to the start, now a decade ago.

Today, the tool that made us all certifiable creepers, turns 10. Happy Birthday to Mark Zuckerberg and his team of collegiate nerds. The gajillionaire posted a letter, reflecting on Facebook’s journey. The team also crafted personal reflections of your own time spent on the site, which can be found at facebook.com/lookback. I don’t know what algorithm was used for the moments they selected, but mine are pretty ratchet, but I was kind of moved: the nostalgia, the Disney-esque music (always a tearjerker), the fact that you used to be younger (and happier), selecting the moment I met Justin Bieber, etc.

Because Facebook also loves itself, they also shared their own timeline since launching in 2004:


Here’s to another 10. Cheers.


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