Is Nicki Minaj shading Mariah Carey? Music Video Battle Royale

The big music news today was the arrival of diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey’s newest single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” with the video dropping at tonight at 7:50 EST on MTV. But not so fast, Mimi; it appears Nicki Minaj wants in on the buzz.

Just a few  hours ago, Nicki Minaj unexpectedly debuted her new NABIL-directed video, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga.” This is the Trinidadian’s first song in nearly a year, the former being 2013’s “High School.” The video features Minaj back in her rap roots, shedding the purple/blue/red/blond/green wigs and picking up some serious machinery. The automatic guns look good on ya, Nicki Nicki. Maybe she’s prepping for combat with Mariah Carey? I mean, the two have a notoriously sour relationship, stemming from their “Idol” judging days. Shall we recap?

First, there were the reports that Minaj threatened Carey during the “Idol” auditions last season; a threat that had Carey so unsettled that she told Barbara Walters she had to hire extra security guards because the rapper was “unpredictable.” Meanwhile, Minaj took to Twitter to blast that interview claiming, “Ironically, no camera or mic heard the gun comment tho. Lol @ the struggle. Not even the producers believed u. Say no to violence barbz.”

In November, Mariah told Hot 97 FM that working on “Idol” was like, “Going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

One month later, Carey sat in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse for a festive episode of “Watch What Happens, Live.” She claimed she joined “Idol” to show her personality, which her friends felt, would be good for viewers to see, and she agreed:

“You know what? That could be cool. I’ll be with Randy. It’ll be fine. It’ll be the 3-person panel, the typical thing. And THEN…” It’s getting drafty in here Nicki.

Let’s begin the diva music video throwdown:

Check out Mariah’s video (which is still not uploaded to Youtube) here.


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