You got into college? Cool. This NY teen got accepted to ALL EIGHT Ivies.

Today, I did some shopping for my new room. I enjoyed/demolished a baracoa burrito at Millennial food establishment of choice, Chipotle. I attended class. I feel pretty accomplished in my day thus far. Oh, and I almost forgot, “The Mindy Project” starts up again tonight!

kwasi2In the mean time, Long Island, New York high school student Kwasi Enin is perched in his home debating if he will attend Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania or Yale. Yes, that is an exhaustive list of every Ivy League university in America, all of which granted the first-generation American acceptance letters…I’m assuming he won’t want to rapid-fire iMessage later about the romantic future of Mindy and Dr. Castellano?

Enin’s parents emigrated to the United States from Ghana, which proved to be a pretty great decision. Their son scored in the 99-percentile of the SAT–or Suicidal Actualization Test, for those of you who have not subject yourself to them–with a score of 2,250 out of a possible 2,400, according to NBC 4.

Now the burning question: But WHICH school are you going to choose?! I’m having mounting anxiety for you.

When he spoke with USA Today, he said he hasn’t decided, but his preference would be Yale.

Funny enough, Mindy Kaling went to Dartmouth, so I think he should choose Dartmouth. Then again, I think that’s in some small town in cold, cold New Hampshire. Both small towns and brutal cold make give me hives, so maybe not the best. I’m assuming his thought process is a lot more elaborate than mine. Hermione Granger went to Brown, so that’s kind of cool too.

In closing, I was going to attach my Harvard rejection letter, but sadly I cannot find it.


[images via Uptownmag and USA Today]


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