Bryce’s Radio

Here’s the thing: I spend a LOT of time listening to music. I walk everywhere and my iPod is my life. To keep myself from burning out the same songs, I’m constantly searching for new music. A lot of my family and friends rely on me to keep them updated so I figured I would start publishing my playlists. Just a note about my music: every song is either a day song or a night song (or sometimes both!). When I’m out and about during the day, I like my day playlist, and the night for night. They just fit better. During the day I want upbeat, sunny, whimsical music. At night I like dance and high energy club-like music, or really smooth and chill songs. And sometimes old songs make a resurgence on my playlists. You’ll see….

Bryce's Radio

Day Radio: 

  1. Roar, Katy Perry
  2. Standing on the Sun, Beyonce
  3. Rock ‘N Roll, Avril Lavigne
  4. American Girl, Bonnie McKee
  5. Pop a Bottle, Jessica Mauboy
  6. This Is How We Do, Katy Perry
  7. I Know You Have a Girlfriend, Carly Rae Jepsen
  8. Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
  9. Birthday, Katy Perry
  10. Disco Love, The Saturdays
  11. Still Into You, Paramore
  12. Wake Me Up, Avicii
  13. Piano, Ariana Grande
  14. Burn, Ellie Goulding
  15. Summertime Sadness, Lana del Rey

Night Radio:

  1. Work Bitch, Britney Spears
  2. Hold On, We’re Going Home, Drake
  3. Stay the Night, Zedd Ft. Hayley Williams
  4. We Are One, Krewella
  5. Hold On, Nervo
  6. Dark Horse, Katy Perry
  7. Where You Go, Ciara
  8. Drive, Miley Cyrus
  9. In the Stars, Icona Pop
  10. Under Control, Ellie Goulding
  11. Body Party, Ciara
  12. Walking On Air, Katy Perry
  13. Glowing, Nikki Williams
  14. All Night, Icona Pop
  15. I’ll Fly with You, Gigi d’Agostino
  16. Adore You, Miley Cyrus
  17. Live for the Night, Krewella
  18. Euphoria, Loreen

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