Quick! Chop off your hair. It’s the cool thing to do.

I missed the memo that seemingly percolated through Tinseltown: If your name is Jennifer, take an axe to your hair.

Two of Hollywood’s A-listers are sporting the new look, but in different fashions. First we have Jennifer Aniston, who selected an edgy bob from longtime hair stylist and “The Rachel” creator, Chris McMillan. Aniston said she was “ready for something new.”

EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Aniston with a new haircut and pregnant leaving doctors

Somewhere in the sky, Jennifer Lawrence posted a pic of her adorable pixie cut to Facebook while en route to Global Fan Day alongside her “Hunger Games” co-stars.


Meanwhile, the always fashionable Charlize Theron stepped out in killer winter attire reminding everyone who the baddest short-haired blonde bitch in town is. And I concur.


I think Jen-squared need to grow their hair back. J-Law looks like a suburban soccer mom now 😦

So who do you think wins the battle of battered hair?


#Addicted: Starbucks red cups

Cue the tears of joy. Go Buddy go!


(P.S. This GIF will appear in every Christmas-related post I write because…well I need no rationale. It’s amazing.)

Christmas doesn’t start for me until a red cup is in my hand. There is just something about recycled waste materials painted with Lake Red 40 that is just so magical and it warms my heart. I was going away this weekend and wanted to make sure that when I returned Sunday evening, I could commence my Christmas season with a Target Christmas aisle spree, red cup in hand. So I did what everyone else would do. I called Target and asked when one could expect the Christmas décor.

“After November 1st,” he said.

This wasn’t good enough for me. “But do you have like, a date, by chance? Like a specific date, possibly time?”

“Definitely by November 3rd.”

Perfect! So then I had to follow up with Starbucks and make sure red cups would be available; you cannot do one without the other. Luckily for me, I received that fantastic little email from Starbucks saying red cups have arrived. Oh, happy joy.

I take this seriously, too. I once walked out of a Starbucks during the holiday season because they did not have red cups. I placed my order and the barista reached over and grabbed one of the Plebeian white cups:

“Um, oh, no, no. That’s ok. Just cancel that.” And out I walked.

And here it is! My first red cup of the season. Merry Christmas, y’all!

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Kelly Clarkson drops first Christmas single

Like Steve Carell said, “AHHHHHHHH KELLY CLARKSON!”

Christmas is coming early, at least for Kelly Clarkson. The country/pop/rock/questioning singer is releasing her first holiday album on Oct. 25, titled “Wrapped In Red.”

Regardless of how hard I want to fight the Christmas bug, Clarkson’s single “Underneath the Tree,” is bound to have everyone holiday happy. It’s, well, amazing. It has Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” written all over it: upbeat, cheery, crystal clear vocals, bells, whistles, a catchy hook, and pure Christmas holiness crafted by genius elfin producers.

The album is also set to feature an a cappella rendition of “Silent Night,”–how great is that going to be?–as well as other holiday staples “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas,” and “White Christmas.”

Is it just me or does the holiday season start line creep in year after after year? I was in Bath & Body Works in late September and their winter line was already out. I actually debated buying ornaments today and had to snap into reality–Halloween hasn’t even passed yet!

But, Christmas has now started. Blame Kelly Clarkson.

Get in the spirit now: